Copenhagen’s Iceage have yet to play stateside, but their reputation for unhinged, chaotic live shows precedes them, thanks in part to their meticulously maintained blog, where they post bloody photos of various band members, post-performance. No one in this quartet is older than 20, which means they’re far too young to have seen any of the Gravity Records–style post-hardcore bands their sound most resembles, but the facsimile can be eerie—certainly no act in this country is carrying on the legacy of the bygone, alternately melodic, and dissonant San Diego punk scene more faithfully. This Friday, they play their hotly anticipated New York debut as part of the L Magazine’s Northside Festival, alongside the local one-man wrecking crew that is Dominick Fernow’s Prurient—fitting, as Fernow’s moody, melodic work with his other band, Cold Cave, surely helped inspire Iceage’s similarly darkwave sound.

Fri., June 17, 8 p.m., 2011