Top Free OnlyFans Guys and Best Free Only Fans Men in 2023


Male Only Fans models are becoming increasingly popular with their hot and hunky looks, gorgeous bodies and too-hot-to-handle personalities. These male models provide a unique way for their fans to get up close and personal with them without having to pay expensive prices.

With Only Fans, you can follow your favorite male models for free and get access to exclusive content that they post on their page. From hot pictures to videos of them doing what they do best – these male models have it all! So if you’re looking for some inspiration in the looks department, these guys have got you covered as we look at the top free men only fans in 2023.

Best Free Male OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Free Male OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Top 10 Free OnlyFans Guys and Best Free Only Fans Men 

1. Monster Twink – Top Free Male OnlyFans Twink


  • Likes – 691,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 222 photos and videos



Monster Twink is the hot and handsome Only Fans Creator who has been making waves in the online community. His photoshoots, along with his big dick, have made him an internet sensation. He has created a unique platform for himself, where he can share his creative works and connect with fans all over the world. His Only Fans page is full of amazing content that showcases his hot abs and giant cock. Whether it’s a hot photoshoot or a solo video, Monster Twink always knows how to make his fans happy. With each post, he continues to grow in popularity and gain more followers every day, and grow in other places as well.


2. Jakipz – Buff Best Free Male OnlyFans 


  • Likes – 511,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 222 photos and videos



Jakipz is an Only Fans creator who has quickly become one of the hottest and most sought-after creators on the platform. With his handsome looks and muscular body, he has been able to draw in a massive following of fans who are eager to see his hot photoshoots and videos.

Jakipz has quickly become a sensation among Only Fans users due to his fit physique, amazing photoshoots, and hot personality. He is constantly pushing boundaries with new content that keeps his fans engaged and excited. With each new post, Jakipz continues to prove why he is one of the most popular creators on the platform.


3. Drew – Funk Daddy Free OnlyFans Men


  • Likes – 363,000
  • Price – Free
  • Media – 2334 photos and videos



Funk Daddy is a popular Only Fans creator who has been making waves on the platform. He is known for his hot and handsome looks, as well as his hot photoshoots and solo play videos. He also provides daily content to his fans that includes videos, toys, and other goodies we can’t mention. His followers love him for his unique content that he creates every day. With Funk Daddy’s Only Fans page, you can expect to see something hot and exciting every day!


4. Michael Yerger – Top Handsome Free Male Onlyfans


  • Likes – 327,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 1017 photos and videos



Michael Yerger is one of the most successful Only Fans creators. He has created an impressive portfolio of content, ranging from boy girl videos to solo content and exclusive photoshoots. His amazing body and handsome looks have made him a fan favorite.

Michael Yerger has also used his Only Fans account to create amazing content that no one else can offer. He has been able to use his account to create exclusive photoshoots, solo content, and even boy girl videos that are sure to please his fans. 


5. Boy Gym – Best Fitness Free Male OnlyFans


  • Likes – 271,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 927




Boy Gym is a Spanish Only Fans creator who is known for his buff and strong physique. He has become popular among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike, as he offers VIP content that is only available to his subscribers. His content focuses on solo play and exclusive photoshoot content that you can’t get anywhere else.


6. Frankie Tajin –  The Hidden Creator OnlyFans Free Men


  • Likes – 235,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 1,865



Frankie Tajin is a college student who has made waves with his Only Fans account. He has used his creative photoshoots to gain a huge following on the platform, without ever showing nudity, well full nudity that is.

Tajin’s success on Only Fans proves that creativity and unique content can be more successful than relying on nudity. His photoshoots are often inspired by popular culture and he has managed to capture the attention of thousands of followers.


7. James Yalch – Outdoor Twink Free OnlyFans Guys


  • Likes – 144,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 110



Here we have James Yalch. James Yalch is known for his motocross stunts and outdoor adventures. But what makes him unique is his ability to make people cum with his skinny twink charm. His OnlyFans page has gained a huge following, with fans from all over the world tuning in to see what James will do next.

With his hot innovative content and creative ideas, he has become one of the most popular creators on OnlyFans.


8. RippeShow – Twink with a Dink Free Men OnlyFans


  • Likes – 139,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 245



RippeShow is an OnlyFans creator who has been making noise in the online entertainment industry. With his unique style of daily messaging, sexy content and hot body, he has become a sensation on the platform. His hornyness running 24/7 of the day allows him to interact with his fans in real-time and provide them with fresh content every day. 

RippeShow is one of the most popular OnlyFans creators and has gained a huge following due to his engaging content and attractive looks. 


9. Effort – Top Free Male OnlyFans


  • Likes – 222,000
  • Price – $12.99 per month
  • Media – 789



Carlos Effort is a male OnlyFans creator who has gained attention for his unique approach to content creation. His content is focused on 1:1 daily messaging and he has become one of the top free males OnlyFans models. He is known for his great body, chiseled abs and hunk-like appearance.


10. Cassidy – That Guy for Free OnlyFans Men


  • Likes – 87,000
  • Price – FREE
  • Media – 204 photos and videos



Last up on our list is Cassidy. Cassidy has become one of the top tier creators on the platform and is known for his best content, hottest body, and great hair. 

Girls go crazy for his solo play videos, which have made him a sensation among OnlyFans fans. If you are looking for an overall best on this list, you have finally made it.


Best Free Male OnlyFans FAQ’s

What classifies a top free male Only Fans creator?

When looking into this list, we narrowed down the best creators based on the content they offer, the price tag that goes with their content, and their frequency of posting. Also of course, we had to make sure that they were male and had no paywall before adding them to the list!

How do OnlyFans free men stay so thin?

The top male models have workout routines that are strikingly similar to professional athletes, even though they pose for pictures for a living. Weightlifting and cardio helps them shape their chiseled torsos, while diet helps them lose unwanted lbs before a big show or photo shoot.

What height should an OnlyFans free men creator be?

High fashion modeling has strict guidelines; male models should generally be between 5’11″ and 6’3” in height, their waist should measure 29-32 inches and their chest 39-40 inches. These figures will vary slightly depending on the agency, but scouts will always be on the lookout for toned, slim physiques.


Free Male OnlyFans in Conclusion

Male OnlyFans Creators are an emerging group of creators who are leveraging the platform to make money and build a brand for themselves. With the help of 1:1 daily messaging, top free content, and great bodies, these male OnlyFans Creators have been able to attract more customers and earn more money.

Male OnlyFans Creators are unique in that they offer something different than the typical female models on the platform. They provide a unique experience by offering exclusive content that is tailored to their audience. In addition to this, they also offer hunk-inspired content that appeals to a wider range of viewers. 

If you did not find this list helpful, we have a wide variety of articles that can help you find exactly what you are looking for on OnlyFans which can be found here
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