‘Hot 97 Who’s Next’ w/ Ransom+Black Dave+Anti Soundmasonz+David Dallas


Hot 97 Who’s Next Live is a showcase designed to give shine to some of the more encouraging independent rappers from in and around New York. Hosted by Hip-Hop “purist” Peter Rosenberg, this edition of Who’s Next features underground artists like Ransom, Black Dave, Anti Soundmasonz, and David Dallas. Put under the spotlight at SOB’s, the New York City hip-hop community will see if any of these artists have what it takes to really rep the city properly on the mic. If you feel like hip-hop hasn’t been the same since 2006 (or 1996, or 1986), this is a chance for you to hear some “real” MCs.

Thu., May 22, 9 p.m., 2014