How Sherbet Broke the Mold for NFTs


NFTs have recently emerged as a mainstream investment channel for people interested in venturing into the digital market. With the rising demand for NFTs, new projects have been launched in this space. Some of them are trying to make a difference by going beyond the financial returns to offer an immersive experience to NFT holders. From digital arts to metaverse games, NFTs have been scaling higher, and now casinos have entered the space, reviving the traditional gambling experiences in a virtual style. Sherbet, a new NFT project, is making a mark by introducing an online casino driving real utility for the users.

Sherbet NFT was launched in November 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain and sold out in just 8 seconds. It is an online cryptocurrency casino that offers a collection of 7,777 NFTs. Sherbet NFT holders can utilize their NFTs as VIP passes to access the online cryptocurrency casino and enjoy many other benefits. The team working behind Sherbet NFT is focused on creating a genuine and active community that will not only maintain transparent communication but also share ideas and strategies to help each other grow.

Unlike other cryptocurrency casinos that follow the traditional style of gambling where NFT holders bet against the house, Sherbet NFT is setting a unique trend. Sherbet is a social casino that follows the player vs. player style of gambling. This means people on this platform can directly compete with their friends and foes and earn when they win.

Since its launch, Sherbet NFT has been flying on the radar of the NFT community for the amazing features and benefits it is offering. It is a Web3-based casino that is fueled by Sherbet’s native token, $BET. Apart from being a token, $BET is also used as an exchange currency on the platform to make bets and wager in the casino. Interested players can earn $BET by staking their Sherbet NFTs. They can also get $BET from decentralized exchanges.

After the launch of the beta version of Sherbet’s casino this year, the cryptocurrency has gone live and currently has more than 40K members in its community. Owning a sherbet NFT allows the holder VIP access to the community and certain gambling benefits. A Sherbet NFT owner gains VIP status on They can use the NFT to play games with less commission, access new features on the platform, and more.

Sherbet NFT is designed to provide true utility to holders beyond the VIP facilities. Sherbet owners can profit by beating their friends in their favorite games. They can also earn by cashing out earned $BET tokens from the platform. The value of $BET tokens is directly proportional to the demand to play in the Sherbet cryptocurrency casino. Considering the huge community the project has amassed in just a few months, the price of $BET tokens is expected to go up in the coming months.

Quality over quantity has been a priority for the Sherbet team, and that is how they have successfully changed the mold of traditional crypto casinos. Sherbet NFT will continue growing its community, introducing more exciting features to become one of the biggest cryptocurrency casinos in the world. No matter how difficult this goal is to accomplish, the team behind Sherbet will consistently provide value to NFT holders.

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