Is Barack Obama Partying With Ricky Martin Really Something To Get All Pissy About?


President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser hosted by former Menudo star Ricky Martin last night — and New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox joined the growing list of GOPers pissy over the president’s partying.

Cox issued a statement basically saying that Obama’s hanging out with Martin and George Clooney is somehow the reason people are unemployed — or, at the very least, offensive because he’s hobnobbing with heartthrobs while people are out looking for jobs.

“Tonight, Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama will hold a high-dollar fundraiser in New York City with Ricky Martin,” Cox writes. “While millions of unemployed Americans are struggling to find work, President Obama will be partying with celebrities.”

See our story on Cox’s pissyness here.

We’re not entirely sure what Cox thinks the president should be doing — in an election year…at night — while people are unemployed, but it’s apparently not fundraising for what will undoubtedly be a tough campaign.

This is an election year, so irrational pissyness and nitpicking is to be expected — and “the president is partying with his famous friends while the rest of the country suffers” is a nice narrative for those who want to discredit the president. During his presidency, former President George W. Bush caught a ton of crap from lefties for spending a lot of time at his ranch in Texas. Those who opposed him claimed he was on “vacation” during his trips to the Crawford ranch — as if the president of the United States is ever really on vacation. But “the president is on a never-ending ‘vacation'” was a nice soundbite for his critics.

We want to know what you think, though: is Obama partying with celebrities really something worth getting pissy about?