Les Nubians+Saigon+Hasan Salaam


With Parisian r&b sibling duo Les Nubians, notorious Brooklyn street prophet Saigon, and underground African diaspora emissary Hasan Salaam headlining, this year’s gathering of socially conscious hip-hop luminaries promises more incendiary lyrics and thought-provoking beats than Jesse Jackson could shake a stick at. In order, the sisters’ 2010 release Nu Revolution is a love-filled riposte against more combative methods of social change; the Yardfather’s long-awaited The Greatest Story Never Told sounds off on trigger-happy teens, absentee dads, and benign neglect; and Salaam’s streetwise Mohammad Dangerfield offers a “no respect” dialogue on institutional racism. These artists speak for you, even if they do so over the lower frequencies.

Thu., Aug. 25, 8 p.m., 2011