The comeback for Breakbeat Science’s weekly at the Mint Club didn’t go as planned, but they are forging ahead and joining forces with Stuck on Earth for Bass: Mint vs. Reeespect. America’s golden boy Dieselboy spins with jungle’s first lady, DJ Rap, on the main stage. Renegade Hardware lets the Usual Suspects out of their dungeon for a bit, and locals round out the rest of the lineup. Special treat: Dara, Odi, Kech Swingsett, Al Boogie, and Woogie get all nostalgic in the old-school room. Word to the promoters: Nice of you to recognize the formidable talents of Reid Speed, Empress, Siren, Doomer et al., but do they all have the cooties? ‘Cause you keep quarantining them in a special “ladies room”! Thursday at 10, Club Shelter, 20 W 39th, 780-4614,

The Stuck on Earth crew is busy, busy, busy this month. Besides Thursday’s event, they’re also teaming up with Tronic Treatment for the big Carl Cox show this weekend (see the Short List) and the pre-party Soup with San Diego’s Hipp-E and Halo of H-Foundation. Friday at 10, Baktun, 418 W 14th, 206-1590. Also at Baktun is Tronic Treatment’s weekly party, featuring the devastatingly good techno producer with the best name in showbiz, Dirk Diggler. (Okay, so he stole it from Boogie Nights.) The promoters are also promising some “VERY” special guests (all capitalized and stuff). I’m just speculating, but judging from their lineup on Saturday night, which also includes Richie Hawtin and Erick Morillo, and the fact that it’s just two days later, well … you put two and two together. But if I’m wrong, no angry letters! Monday at 8, Baktun, 418 W 14th, 206-1590.

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