Ghostly, that cool li’l Midwestern label with the cute kitty icons, is having a big party with all of its stars. Yes, the event takes place at my least favorite venue in the city, but even I’d put up with the mayhem to hear some real forward-thinking techno and electro (not the cheesy kind, yo) from the likes of Dabrye, Dykehouse, Kill Memory Crash, and Osborne—who are all performing live—plus DJs James Cotton, She Ra, Cut Faster (of Record Camp), and Trent. Saturday @ 10, Pianos, 158 Ludlow, 212-505-3733.

In the event that the temperature actually gets higher than 60 degrees and the continual flow of rain stops, one might actually get a chance to enjoy Halcyon’s monthly Summer DJ Legends BBQ series. For a mere 10 bucks, patrons get an all-you-can-eat-barbecue and Brooklyn Brewery beer while legends like the first month’s guest, Nicky Siano, provide the beats. (Seattleite Eugene Lemcio opens for Mr. Siano). Next month: Mark Kamins takes the decks. Saturday from 2 to 10 p.m., Halcyon, 227 Smith, Bklyn, 718-260-9299.

I write about this party every damn month, but that’s ’cause it’s such a cool idea. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so—the party is mad popular. It’s time to get Sorted again, with help from Dara and DB, who dig up all their old tunes of the house, techno, acid, indie, and d’n’b variety to take you back through a mini-musical history. Thursday @ 10, Bar 13, 121 University Place, 212-979-6677.

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