I think the last time I wrote about Webster Hall was for the Electroclash Festival two years ago, and even then I made fun of the place. But I would like to draw your attention to the special performance by Chic. The late-’70s band, featuring the great Nile Rodgers, made some of my favorite early dance tracks. I remember dancing to “Le Freak,” “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa),” and “Good Times” when I was five. I might even put up with the B&T to see them. Thursday @ 10, Webster Hall, 125 E 11th, 212-353-1600.

Philly DJ Josh Wink is back with a new mix CD, Profound Sounds Vol. 2. Taking a page from Richie Hawtin, Wink remixed records and then used those specially edited versions to play in the mix. Live, he’s also taken to the Final Scratch software, which allows DJs to store every record they own on their computer, thereby reducing the likelihood of pulled back muscles. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 212-627-7770.

In the spirit of total objectivity, I would like to mention that The Village Voice‘s Siren festivities are happening this weekend, and that the lineup (while it doesn’t actually feature any dance music) is rocking, thanks to Ms. Diane Perini, our fabu booking agent. (She also helps book the annual CMJ festival). The lineup includes !!!, Hot Hot Heat, Sahara Hotnights, the Datsuns, Northern State, and headliners Modest Mouse. May I also modestly point out it also includes me and DJs Boozy Jo and the Bag Lady on the wheels of steel, in between the bands on the main stage. Bring your tomatoes! Saturday from 12 to 9, Coney Island,

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