Listings – 3/30/2004


It’s nearing the end for Halcyon, the Brooklyn café with the badass coffee and sound system, which is filling up its closing weeks with a few all-out parties. I can’t say too much, but you won’t be sitting around sipping your latte like a lady. Three jams of note this week—on Friday, house DJ Onionz spins with Chris Love, Billy Belmont, and Craig Harris. On Saturday, Frenchie I: Cube is brought in by the Schematic folks for an exclusive set. And on Sunday, the experimental posse Undercity host their farewell party with more musical weirdness and wonderment, courtesy of Mille Plateaux’s Andreas Tilliander and a live set from techno technician Steve Stoll. Friday and Saturday @ 10; Sunday @ 4, Halcyon, 227 Smith St, Bklyn, 718.260.WAXY

If your relatives ask you what you’re doing for Easter weekend, wouldn’t it be nice to reply, “Well Grandma, on Good Friday, I’ll be going to MOTHERFUCKER and watching this drag queen Lady Bunny host a party with the Crazy Rhythms DJ Squadron, JDH, and Dave P!” She might faint but it’s better than sitting through The Passion. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 212.627.7770

The people at Volume have informed me that they have installed sinks in the bathroom, which means that I can once again recommend the club in good conscience. As per usual, left-field music takes center stage—this lineup being no exception. Bunker Records artists Sendex and $tinkworx join forces with local DJs Speculator and Chapacabras. If Marie Osmond’s a little bit country, Sendex and his mates are a little bit techno, a little bit electro, a little bit sleaze, and a little bit pretty. Take your pick and don’t forget to wash your filthy paws. Thursday @ 10, Volume, 99 N 13th St, Bklyn, no phone

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