Live: Liquid Liquid at Santos Party House


Last night’s Liquid Liquid show was scheduled to happen twice—”The band and DJs will ebb and flow together whenever LL damn well feels like it, apparently,” was the not-so-reassuring dual set-time explanation. But at the end of the day, bands tend to act like bands, not waterfalls or lava lamps. “We want to get to you so hard we’re just going to do one set and keep on playing,” said mustachioed LL frontman Sal Principato, who looks like he’s on the class of ’79 bowling team. “Is that OK?”

There is not a lot of preference to express when you’re seeing the still-standing resurrection of one of downtown’s most beloved post-punk remnants. “Cavern”—even if Melle Mel isn’t rapping on it—is not going to result in people wishing they were somewhere else. It’s weird to see that riff played by humans.