Machine Head is Bonded By Exodus

Robb Flynn, frontman with thrashers Machine Head, told us about his love for Exodus’ classic debut.


Robb Flynn: This is not an easy question, not easy to ask, not easy to answer.  Every time I’m asked this question or something similar, my brain always freezes while some 40 odd years of music memories and emotions flood my mind looking for the answer.  Top 10’s are easy… Top 5’s are tough… but a #1?

Man… to me, a #1 favorite album must be something that’s changed your life!  Over the years, I’ve named off several bands and albums that helped shape me over the years, each in their own direct way.  But after much, (and I mean MUCH thought), my favorite album is Bonded By Blood, the 1985 debut album by Exodus.

When I spoke above of “life changing,” Bonded By Blood is that album. There are so many factors that help elevate this piece of music above the rest. A few of those factors? Well to begin with they were from “our” area!  They were a ‘hometown band’ that you could see in Oakland, Berkeley, or San Francisco, but they were GREAT! Their live shows back then were and still are still violently legendary!  While Bonded By Blood wasn’t released until 1985, it was completed in the summer of 1984, so tape traders had been listening and worshipping this album for close to a year before it was officially released. This ‘bootleg’ copy even received radio airplay on our local metal station KUSF!  That’s how Exodus crazy our area was.  So, over the years I’ve only come to appreciate its genius again and again. The riffs could be huge and monstrous and then turn razor sharp drawing blood with each pass.

It truly is THE foundation of the Bay Area thrash metal scene I was fortunate to come up in, but its reach globally was equally incredible!

Bonded… is such a part of my DNA, if I ever did one of those “23 & Me,” things, I’m sure a huge percentage of my results would simply read “Exodus: Bonded By Blood – 67%.”

Machine Head is Bonded by Exodus: Machine Head’s Of Kingdom and Crown album is out August 26. The “Unhallowed” single is out now.

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