Of all the new super-clubs, Avalon seems to be booking the best DJs. Crobar’s already a giant disappointment musically, and Spirit is on a spiritual retreat for January—and even then, it’s only open once a week. Which leaves us with Josh Wink and Doc Martin at Avalon. Terrible! Instead of insipid, uninspired progressive trance or what have you, we’ll get house music with a psychedelic edge (the Doc) and midtempo house beats that build to harder techno (Winky)—what a crime. Brave the bridge-and-tunnel masses for once.

Saturday @ 10, Avalon, 662 Sixth Ave, 212.807.7780

In another unexpected pick from yours truly, I am advising that Lotus may not be a half-bad place to spend your evening if you’d like to hear some progressive 2step, nu-breaks, house music, and such from one DJ Dinesh and Jason Angola. The night is GBH, which has recently moved to the swanky meatpacking spot. That 2step craze has kinda faded, but the remnants of the genre make for interesting music.

Friday @ 10, Lotus, 409 W 14th, 212.807.6795

Last but not least, there are a few other people like me, who keep the punishing nightlife schedule, and Time Out’s Bruce Tantum is one of them. He’s also (like me) a moonlighting DJ, and I’m pretty sure he has damn good taste in music. He’s got a new partay, SUPPLETRONIC happening once a month, and his first order of business is featuring Adam Goldstone on the decks. Goldstone gives good house music, I promise. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the beats in a nice setting (you know, no puke on the couch), and on a good sound system (i.e., better than the clock radio that most bars employ for speakers).

Monday @ 11, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette, 212.539.8770

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