Natural Woman


We love makeover movies like My Fair Lady and Clueless, but we never thought of ourselves as needing help until a hippie pal pointed out how chemical ridden some beauty products are. Admittedly environmentally challenged, we learned that going au naturel means you can still look and smell good while doing your bit for the planet. Who knew?!

The Healing Garden’s Organics Wild Honey, available at mass retailers, makes it easy to do your part. Their Body Wash ($8), which moisturizes as it cleanses, is free of synthetic pesticides and artificial colors, and isn’t tested on animals. Plus, a portion of proceeds is donated to the Nature Conservancy, an organization that protects endangered species.
For hair removal (our bohemian buddy wouldn’t dare, but we prefer to go bare) we tried Kiss My Face‘s Moisture Shave ($4), a lavender-and-shea lotion rich with botanicals that left our legs beautifully smooth.
On the rest of our bodies we used Korres Natural Products Cinnamon Body Milk (
$15), which is silicone-free and has a sweet woody scent perfect for fall. Of course we’d never neglect our faces, especially as the weather changes.
Collective Wellbeing‘s Weightless Day Cream ($4) hydrates with aloe vera to protect against environmental stress. Their slogan, “A beautiful world begins with you,” is hokey, but we couldn’t agree more. They donate money from products sold to the charity of your choice, which makes for guilt-free shopping.
No makeover is complete without makeup, but we were hesitant to try earth-friendly cosmetics (think: dowdy) till we found lip colors by Zuzu Luxe that rival our favorite MAC shades. Their lip glosses ($13) are made with Saint-John’s-wort extract (for sad lips?) and other natural ingredients you would actually want on your kisser. And the silver packaging looks chic in any handbag—or rucksack!