New Ninjasonik MP3 for “Toe Wop”; Plus Photos for the Video Shoot of “Pic Party”


Party-rap trio Ninjasonik may be best known for squeezing into tight pants and threatening mass impregnation, but these three room-wreckers have also, as we keep noticing, become unofficial mascots for downtown tallboy spraying, raucous crowd-surfing, and stoner-face posing. They were doing all three again on Sunday night, taking over Ella Lounge on Avenue A to shoot a video for the track “Pic Party.” Nate “Igor” Smith was there to document the shoot, which featured members of the Death Set and ubiquitous DBB-dude Anton Glamb. By the looks of the photos, there was a ton of booze, bros, and Mishka wear–basically, the average Ninjasonik Sunday night.

“Pic Party” is off their long-time-coming full-length Art School Girls, which comes out on MIA’s husband’s label Green Owl Records on 4/20, features samples from Matt and Kim, Best Fwends, and Team Robespierre, and showcases album artwork courtesy of mummy street-vandal Faro. We already gave you “All Our Friends” from that record. Right here is the premiere (oooh!) of another new one, “Toe Wop,” which challenges listeners to “Toe Wop with me!” Your video instructional on how to do that is right here.

Download: [audio-1]