New York Destinations for Your Bucket List in 2023


Everybody has a picturesque idea of what New York looks like — the iconic yellow taxis, the majestic skyline, and the Statue of Liberty; but the bustling city of New York has more places and secret spots you might want to come see and travel to.

New York Destinations You Should Check Out

The Grand Central Station Whispering Gallery

The Grand Central Terminal may be the second busiest terminal in North America (it’s next to another New York train terminal — Penn Station), but the Grand Central Station’s scenic and historical architecture holds a “secret” — the Whispering Gallery!

If you and a friend go down to the Grand Central Station’s dining area (outside the Oyster Bar & Restaurant), you can stand on one side of the arched entryway and your friend can stand on the opposite side — both of you can then whisper something to each other (yes, even from afar!). No matter how faint your whisper is, the noise will travel to the other side and your friend will hear you loud and clear; the busy terminal will not be a factor at all!

Pomander Walk

Most New York destinations and boroughs have that classic concrete jungle landscape but there’s another secret spot that not many know — it’s the Pomander Walk. This place has Tudor-style houses and it’s very akin to some London homes. It has 27 buildings (mostly townhouses and apartment complexes) and this photogenic New York gem can be on your next Instagram story or photo collection.

Cobble Hill Tunnel

Somewhere in Long Island lies an abandoned tunnel that you may find eerie or fascinating. Cobble Hill Tunnel (or Atlantic Avenue Tunnel) is an NYC destination that’s not frequented by many tourists or locals. The Guinness Book of World Records deems this tunnel as the “oldest subway tunnel in the world.” There were also talks that the tunnel was a former hideout of German terrorists of the past — but this couldn’t be concluded as they found no evidence of it.

Brooklyn’s Secret Subway Exit

If you’re a New York native, you may already know about this secret exit on Joralemon Street. If not, chances are, you’ve passed by this subway exit disguised as a townhouse! The Brooklyn Secret Subway Exit was originally meant to be a residential place but it was converted into an emergency exit and subway line ventilation.

Though you can’t explore the inside of the subway exit, and MTA says there’s not a lot to see — just a bunch of boxes and a flight of stairs — you can still admire how New Yorkers in the past creatively crafted this secret subway to preserve NYC’s architecture.

Let’s go!

New York holds a ton of wonderful “secrets” that are ready for you to explore. If you’re tired of the skyscrapers and flashy Times Square lights, you can find New York destinations that not a lot of locals or tourists visit.

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