Britt Daniel is indie-rock royalty, coming up on his seventh album in Spoon, a band that has accomplished leagues more on an independent label than they ever did on a major. Daniel has spent the better part of 15 years writing deliriously catchy underground rock that’s never been too bland and never too weird-for-weird’s-sake, tastefully layering organs and maracas throughout the ’00s indie surge and slowly merging into cheeky robot micro-rockers—think Queens of the Stone Age for people scared of metal. Seventh album Transference leans a little heavier into the rock side of the equation, with the singer stretching his vocal chords to the breaking point on opener “Written in Reverse,” going downright aggro-McCartney on “The Mystery Zone,” and churning like a taut, static chugmo on single “Got Nuffin.” Today, Daniel is going to meander down to the new, sunny, spacious location of Brooklyn record hub Sound Fix for a free solo acoustic performance to promote the approximately five-day-old album.

Sat., Jan. 23, noon, 2010