Obama White House to Actually Do Job, Play “Ten Questions” With Press Regarding BP Disaster


The BP Oil Spill Disaster started on April 20th, over a month ago, for those keeping track. Which is why it’s so strange to read through this morning’s MediaBistro Newsfeed, and come across a Yahoo news story, where you will find information regarding the White House’s response to what ‘they’ve already admitted is the worst oil disaster in the history of the world. They are now “pulling out all the stops.”

…Administration officials including Obama adviser David Axelrod have been hitting the cable airwaves. And Thursday will be the next move by the White House to help shift the narrative: President Obama is scheduled to take about 10 questions from reporters at 12:45 p.m. Eastern.

Ten questions? President Obama is taking ten questions after going 307 days without a press conference on the day they’re going to finally finish fixing the fucking thing? The president is talking up a halt of offshore drilling, but does it matter at this point? It’s a policy conference, and it’s being addressed as an issue that can be moved down the field. Not a disaster, which it was, and is, and likely will be until tonight, when the worst will be over, and the cleanup will be needed, and we’re supposed to be grateful our president is answering ten questions a month late to this thing while our reporters and photographers are not just having their access to the worst parts of the spill blocked by our government and BP, but are being threatened with arrest for getting it. Talk about crude.