OCULA is a Renaissance Man

“The pandemic obviously had an unholy impact on DJs and producers, but I think we’re now at the stage where we’re hearing and experiencing what artists worked on during that downtime.”


“I was always surrounded by dance music as my dad’s a big fan of it and has always had a home office that is half work, half DJ booth,” melodic house producer OCULA told Brett Callwood in a recent interview. “So for as long as I can remember, there was always loud music in the house, and particularly as I reached around 13 years old, there was a lot more electronic music being played—prime 2010 ‘EDM’ era, so deadmau5, Skrillex, Kaskade, Feed Me, etc. From there, I picked up an interest in DJing, with my 14th birthday present being a Numark Omni Control mixer, wired up to some old hi-fi speakers that were actually older than me. I found myself DJing for hours in my bedroom pretty much every night, then began to be intrigued by how exactly electronic music was made. It wasn’t taught in music classes at school, so I resorted to trawling through YouTube videos before installing a totally legit, absolutely paid-for copy of Reason 5.”

OCULA adds that, after honing his sound into a more ‘signature’ style and seeing his work getting radio support around the world as well as scoring big streaming numbers, he almost couldn’t comprehend it when “artists and labels that I idolized” began complimenting his work.

Click here to read the full interview and check out OCULA’s music. (A video trek through the Big Apple accompanies the beautifully ascending composition, “The Last Turn.”) —VV editors

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