OddKidOut Gets Cinematic

“I also made the demo version of the track in the back of an hour-long Uber ride.”


Instrumental electronic artist (and finger drummer) OddKidOut started drumming when he was six years old and taught himself to produce when he was 15.

“I always took music seriously, but I began taking producing seriously when I started my artist project, OddKidOut, in my freshman year of college,” he says. “I got signed to Skrillex’s label OWSLA my junior year, and that’s when I began to learn how to DJ as well under his wing. Now both are my life.”

He describes himself today as a versatile musician. “I like making every genre, and I do my best to combine them when I can,” he says. “I just want to make shit that sounds different than the usual. But a good way to categorize my sound would be a mix of electronic, punk, and hip-hop. All high energy.”

The artist says that he was back home in Philadelphia during the pandemic, to be with family.

“I started streaming on Twitch and that helped me feel like I wasn’t stagnant…it gave me some purpose aside from just producing all day,” he says. “Now that we are on the better side of the lockdown, I’m realizing how important it is to be in proximity of other creatives, and how much more I want to go out and explore L.A. now that I’m back.”

His new single is “Cinema,” featuring Marhly.

“I love this record so much,” he says. “So Marhly sent me the acapella and I actually produced the record around it. Kind of backward, but I enjoy working that way, to be honest. I also made the demo version of the track in the back of an hour-long Uber ride. Just had my computer and headphones and I banged out at least 80% of what the record sounds like now. I love that because it promotes what I always say, ‘You don’t need a bunch of expensive stuff to make good music!’”

Looking ahead, OddKidOut expects a busy 2022.

“A shit ton of new music, shows, brand activations,” he says. “2022 is going to be a busy year!”

OddKidOut’s “Cinema” single is out now.

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