Pakistani Mangoes Are Back; Sugary Cereals Lead to Nagging


The ban on Pakistani mangoes, which was lifted a year ago, is finally truly over for New Yorkers as the first commercial shipment of the prized Chaunsas has arrived. [Wall Street Journal]

Like olive oil, there are also a lot of fraudulently labeled San Marzano tomatoes on supermarket shelves. [Diner’s Journal]

Sam Sifton reviews Grant Achatz’s Next in Chicago, where he ate “very well … and sometimes simply well, and always more enjoyably than at Alinea.” [NY Times]

A midsize city in northern Colorado is revolutionizing its school lunch program this year by beginning to cook meals from scratch. [NY Times]

Zagat has redesigned its website with new features, including the ability to compare restaurants side by side and see data plotted on an interactive chart. [PR Newswire]

Shocker: A new study reveals that cereal boxes with cartoons on them can lead to increased nagging on the part of children for parents to buy them. [ABC News]

Casa Barilla is a branded Italian food festival that will take place September 13-16 in Central Park, featuring cooking demonstrations and sampling stations. [NY Times]

The Hudson Terrace hosted a singles event for sugar daddies and “sugar babies” on Monday night. Ew. [NY Post]