Pix From Birreria, on the Roof of Eataly


Presented on a bed of “krauti,” the beef-pork links from Trentino called probusto are juicy and fabulous. (Click to enlarge, as if they needed to be any bigger.)

This week, Counter Culture makes the long climb to Birreria, the new beer garden (well, not really) on the rooftop of Eataly. The food — via Mario Batali and chef Alex Pilas — is flat-out wonderful, though the beer list is a minefield of oddities, and it may take a few months of drinking to find your favorites. Here are some of the choicest morsels.

Your view from Eataly’s rooftop may include the mast of the Empire State Building.

The ample salads are composed like paintings.

Pork chop with Calabrian peppers

The cheese plate comes with honey and very good olive oil.

Birreria carries mushrooms to new heights — like these maitakes.

And then there’s the beer …

A couple of my dining companions late one weekday afternoon — the only time you can readily get a reservation