Puckering Up at Midnight? Carry a Water Bottle Because Your Breath Stinks.


Are you single? Oh, hey . . .

We meant to say that, for many people — especially the blissfully unattached — New Year’s Eve can bring the hope of some serious action. If you’re planning on being in this category, put down the garlic and beer, and grab some water pronto.

Monster breath ranks just ahead of drool and fish lips as the “worst thing to happen mid-makeout.” Think you’re old enough to not make this mistake? Think again. Drinking is one of the single worst contributors to stale breath. Worse still? Mixing liquors (think champagne, gin and tonic, two fingers of Dewar’s, and too many beers) only intensifies this problem.

According to NYC cosmetic dentist Thomas P. Connelly, bacteria thrive in your mouth’s post-binge dry environment. Although this is gross, it’s also a reason to match each drink with a glass of water, which Connelly says can combat some of the stench.

Of course, if you’re planning on picking up more than one partner this year, make sure to rinse before you repeat.