Putting the Gaddafi Controversy to Bedouin


For days now we’ve heard varying reports coming out of Bedford about Muammar Gaddafi’s Magical and Mysterious Bedouin-style Tent.

First it was up on the lawn of Donald Trump’s 213-acre estate, then the locals had a fit and it was taken down. Now we hear it’s been put up and quickly taken down yet again. ABC 7 says the elaborate tent was only re-erected for a brief period yesterday so that Gaddafi’s son could eat and take pictures in it — but that Bedford attorneys, cops and a building inspector quickly descended on the scene and made a Libyan entourage take the thing down.

Gaddafi never actually stayed there by the way. He was at the Libyan Mission shortly after arriving here to give a rambling, incoherent speech at the U.N. Wednesday.