Picture it: the Stonewall, 2008—you’re surrounded by white-haired women, eating cheesecake and cheering on the bellydancer Susie Q, a senior citizen from Queens who has just taken off all of her clothes. Surreal enough for you? That was the scene at last year’s We Love the Golden Girls tribute night, presented by the granny-loving gals of the Victoria party. And now, they’re again paying their respects to those four sexy geriatrics with a debauched evening of performances, contests, and faux-drag fun, from legendary drag queens Linda Simpson and Lavinia Co-op, DJ Chelsea Starr, the Martini Twins, MargOH! Channing, and Raven Snook. Win DVDs in the “Sophia talent contest” or the “Dorothy/Blanche/Rose look-alike contest,” and as the invite says, “Come dressed like it’s 1985 Miami”—or just borrow some clothes from their costume closet. And free cheesecake for all!

Sat., Feb. 28, 10 p.m., 2009