Best Sissy OnlyFans and Top Sissy OnlyFans in 2023


OnlyFans is a social network for fans of sissy boys, also known as “sissies”. Sissy boys are generally men who identify with feminine traits, such as being girly, having soft-spoken voices, and taking care of their appearance. They may wear makeup, have long hair and feminine mannerisms, and may even seek to feminize their bodies through dressing or hairstyles. Most people associate sissy boys with cross-dressing or transgender individuals, but in reality, sissy boys come in all different shapes and sizes. 

People who identify as sissy boys may experience various emotions and feelings related to their gender identity. OnlyFans is a place where people can share their stories and support one another as they navigate this often difficult journey. Today we will look at some of our favorite top sissy onlyfans.

Best Sissy OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Sissy OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

  1. Princess Filippa – Asian TS Sissy
  2. Katsyns – Lewd Trans Sissy
  3. Basically Leah – British Crossdressing Sissy
  4. Roxy Fae –  Sissy Training OnlyFans
  5. Brax – Slutty Southern Sissy
  6. Boixd27 – Kittyboi Cosplay Sissy
  7. Sissy Violet – Sissification OnlyFans
  8. Mr fit 2020 – Sissy Cuck by Night
  9. Sissy Jess – UK’s #1 Sissy Maid
  10. Sissy Ellie Princess – Explicit Sissy Femboy

Best 10 Sissy OnlyFans

#1. Princess Filippa – Asian TS Sissy


  • $6.99/mo subscription
  • Intimate DM responses


Where to follow:


Princess Filippa is a 21 year old TS sissy who loves when Big Men take control, and they want you to be their next master. Filippa also loves sissy porn and when they’re not eagerly responding to DMs or creating sissy content for their OnlyFans Sissy page, they watch hours of sissy porn and fantasize how it would be to take their place in the videos. Filippa loves to show themselves off for men to get them all horny. Filippa can be your next sissy tease fantasy and you’ll know they’re getting hot right along with you. 

This active account is the best sissy OnlyFans to start with as you explore this popular kink and find out what role you were born to play. Shoot Filippa a DM when you’re ready to let them know just how exciting you find their body and what sissy fantasy you’ve already imagined them acting out in your own video. Just think, Filippa could reward you by recreating your idea and sending it to you privately to enjoy. 

#2.Katsyns – Lewd Trans Sissy


  • OVer 6K posts
  • Solo and collab content
  • DMs open


Where to follow:


Katsyns is everyone’s favorite sissy thanks to their extensive archive of VIP content to scroll through and the dedication they have to post every week, multiple times a week. Once you’ve looked over the thousands of Katsyns’ sissy Only Fans pictures and videos, send a DM to flirt, chat, or ask any questions that you have. Custom content requests are encouraged and Katsyns even offers a discount to existing subscribers as a reward for their loyalty. 

This TS Only Fans sissy twink is here to tease and please with lewd content that your contributions support. All tips and purchases go towards funding new outfits, props, locations, and collabs to help make Katsyns the best sissy on OnlyFans that’s tough to outmatch. 

#3. Basically Leah – British Crossdressing Sissy


  • X rated Content
  • Submissive
  • Custom Requests


Basically Leah is basically the naughtiest little crossdressing sissy on this list so far, and we’re lucky enough to catch their debut on OnlyFans. Many sissies aren’t bold enough to post explicit content right to their wall on their top sissy OnlyFans profiles, but Leah dares to break the mold. You can find Leah’s sluttiest sissy crossdressing, exhibitions, solo content, and more as soon as you subscribe for $5 a month. In true sissy fashion, you can unlock all of this access for even lower if you’re a first month subscriber. 

Leah is always running discounted promotions, with the latest ones lowering the price to just $3 to see all of the X-rated sissy content that’s been posted so far. If you’re a Daddy looking for a sissy to use like the dirty slut they are, Leah enthusiastically volunteers and can’t wait to show you what a good little sissy they can be. 

#4. Roxy Fae –  Sissy Training OnlyFans


  • Sissy Training
  • ASMR
  • No PPV


Where to follow:


This is a unique sissy OnlyFans profile, but one you won’t want to miss. Roxy Fae runs an all included page for only $4.99 per month where you can view their personal content of explicit nudes, scandalous lewds, solo playtime, and custom content she releases to her feed. On top of all that though, Roxy Fae is also a Sissy trainer, offering these services to all sissies needing help attracting and pleasing their doms and being the best sissies they can be. Roxy offers solo and group training, so be sure to send a DM asking about available spots before they all fill up. Roxy is personally very successful Mistress pleasing sissy and with their sissification and humiliation help, you can be too. 


5 Brax – Slutty Southern Sissy


  • Free Page
  • Custom Content
  • Lingerie


With southern flair and an accent to match comes Brax, a southern sissy who loves to put on lingerie for his slutty sissy OnlyFans page and record themselves giving blowjobs and showing off their ass and dick for all his Dom subs who follows him. Brax is a new and eager creator who loves to stand out from other creators with personal attention to the messages in his DMs and content that he creates, both for his feed and at the request of subscribers. 

This sissy runs a free page, so there’s nothing stopping you from joining and finding out what this Southern sissy is all about. Who knows, maybe Brax will get back to his roots and show you exactly what they mean when they talk about southern hospitality. If you love what you see, check out his amazon wish list to spoil this sissy and they’ll give a personal thank you, especially if your gift can be used to create content. 

#6. Boixd27 – Kittyboi Cosplay Sissy


  • Full length explicit videos
  • Cosplay content


This Kittyboy sissy is ready to play, and you don’t even have to say please. Just pay his monthly subscription and you automatically unlock hundreds of posts containing thousands of photos and videos that range from modest cosplay to exhilarating lewds that will have your imagination running wild. Kittyboi is constantly creating and uploading content, mainly videos with an emphasis on creativity, quality, and length to extend every second of pleasure that he can for his fans. 

You are more than welcome to engage with his posts to let him know how much you love his sissy ways, or send him a DM. He’s almost always active and available to talk and answer questions, take recommendations, and hear your requests for paid customs he is always excited to get started on. This sissy combines the best of the worlds of cosplay and sissy for a unique and enticing subscriber experience that you won’t soon forget. 

#7. Sissy Violet – Sissification OnlyFans


  • Free Page
  • Sissy Lifestyle Page
  • Feminization Kink


This sissy OnlyFans page is an extension of Sissy Violet, a helpless sissy slut who is getting exactly what they deserve, whether they like it or not. Watch Violet’s journey into feminization and be one of the lucky few to urge things along with your input. Violet’s page is free because there’s nothing stopping them from being forced to become a better sissy slut for you. 

Whether you follow along and offer support through likes, comments, or DMs, or you contribute directly with tips or gifts from Violet’s amazon wishlist, you’re helping to treat violet like the slut they deserve to be. Who they can’t help being. Speaking of gifts from the wishlist, let Violet know who’s sending it and they’ll create private content just for you, even using the gift if possible. This rare lifestyle sissy OnlyFans page is not one to disappoint, so follow Violet for free and enjoy the ride. 


#8. Mr fit 2020 – Sissy Cuck by Night


  • Free Page
  • Crossdress
  • Sissy clit


Ever wanted to see an extreme Sissy Kink page? The free sissy OnlyFans profile of Mr fit 2020 is exactly that. This sissy cuck by night needs to broadcast his sissification on his public and free OnlyFans page to get himself and his followers off. His page is full of pictures and videos showing his cross dressings and sissy clit in women’s clothing. His pleasure is yours, so this interactive page could be exactly what you’re looking for if you desire your own sissy to interact with privately. Mr fit 2020’s only purpose is to be a sissy cuck for you, so do both him and yourself a favor and subscribe to his free page so you can take the pleasure you deserve from this submissive sissy Only Fans creator. 

#9. Sissy Jess – UK’s #1 Sissy Maid


  • Lowest monthly subscription OnlyFans offers
  • Sissy Maid Kink
  • British Sissy


From across the pond comes sissy Jess, a UK creator who pleases and entertains by acting out their sissy fantasies in a maid role. From outfit photos and roleplay videos for you to enjoy, if this is the kink you’ve been itching to fulfill, Jess is the sissy to make those dreams come true. Every sissy exists to serve and please, and none does so better than UK’s #1 Sissy Maid Jess. Scroll through all the content they already have available and then send them a message to make any content requests or let them know how good they are at being a slutty sissy. Even as a maid, Jess makes the perfect dirty little sissy to please you anytime you desire. 

#10. Sissy Ellie Princess – Explicit Sissy Femboy


  • $5/ month subscription
  • No PPV, everything included
  • Chastity


We might have saved the best for last, if a kinky sissy princess is what you’ve been looking for. Sissy Ellie is a 25 year old femboy who loves humiliation, chastity, exposure, and hardcore fucking from his master. By offering this account for only $5 per month, Ellie is being a very good sissy and making himself as available as possible to be used and treated like the dirty sissy he is. 

Five dollars automatically unlocks hundreds of pictures and videos that are fully uncensored for you to enjoy. But of course, what kind of sissy would he be if he didn’t keep his DMs wide open for messages of humiliation, commands, and descriptions of customs he will enthusiastically drop everything to make for his followers. Sissy Ellie offers an extreme roleplay experience like none other on this list, we know you’re already clicking the link to check it all out. 

Sissy OnlyFans FAQ’s

What is Sissy/Sissification?

A sissy is a man or MTF Trans person who enjoys embodying feminine traits, usually following the idea that this is forced on them, it can’t be helped, this is who they are and people see right through any attempts to hide or deny that they are a sissy. Sissies can be straight leaning and enjoy being dominated, or undergoing sissification by women or they can be gay and desire sissification from other men. 

Sissification is the act of (consensually) forcing sissy traits and characteristics onto an individual. This can involve being made to wear women’s clothing, pretend they have the anatomy of a female such as a “sissy clit” or to be degraded and humiliated verbally, through chastity, or being made to perform submissive tasks. 

The important thing to remember is that this is a kink, and not at all a rare one, and sissies Capital-L Love being made into sissies and fulfilling this edgy kink. 

What gets a creator into the Sissy Only Fans category?

Many creators self-identify as sissies and it is often their most overpowering kink that they want fulfilled. These are some of the few creators who make their OnlyFans pages almost more to help them fulfill their own kink than make a living from it. This is why many of the profiles on this list are absolutely free, and part of the kink can involve that they get no financial benefit from their subscriber interactions. This is the degradation aspect of the kink that can be fully enjoyed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support and reward any sissy who is doing a good job. That is part of the kink as well. 

Who are the best sissy OnlyFans Creators?

Princess Filippa, Katsyns, Basically Leah, Roxy Fae, Brax, Boixd27, Sissy Violet, Mr fit 2020, Sissy Jess, and Sissy Ellie Princess made it on this list because they are the best Sissy creators to follow in 2020. If you’re looking for an active and popular sissy, check out Katsyns or Boixd27. If you’re a sissy yourself and need help achieving your best sissy status, Roxy Fae offers Sissy training sessions. 

Why are sissy OnlyFans accounts popular?

The sissy kink, both being a sissy or being the one dominating a sissy, is nothing new and OnlyFans simply offers an easy to access platform for users to see just how much is available to them in their specific brand of pleasure. We live in an age where kink-shaming is a thing of the past and anyone is free to exhibit and share their darkest pleasures with an adoring audience. OnlyFans also uniquely creates an avenue for sissies to act out their roleplay fantasies away from their inner circle who might not understand this kink. 

What kind of content are top sissy OnlyFans creators making?

Sissy OnlyFans creators are posting anywhere from casual to lewd to explicit photos and videos demonstrating themselves as a sissy and inviting subscribers to participate in their inevitable sissification. Some of the creators on this list even make collaborated content with other sissies or doms to give another level to the kinky experience their page offers. Subscribers are also welcome to message a sissy, make requests for content, sext, flirt, or show their support for their favorite top sissy OnlyFans creator. 


Top Sissy OnlyFans in Conclusion

Sissies come in every form, but they all love revealing their desires to be sissified and dominated with humiliation, degradation, or even plain dominance. We know you found a profile or two you can’t wait to explore, just wait until you see just how far these sissies are willing to go to prove they can earn their spot as the best sissy onlyfans creator you’ve ever seen. 

Still looking for more? There’s plenty to browse from. Lists covering any fantasy you’re thinking of right now, just bursting with the top creators in each category ready to blow your mind on OnlyFans. 

If you did not find this list helpful, we have a wide variety of articles that can help you find exactly what you are looking for on onlyfans which can be found here.

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