Los Angeles party-punx No Age are the new model of DIY in market-crash America: a stripped-down two-person setup that can fit in the tiniest van, never shutting up about their local venues, noisy enough to have a modicum of rebellion but cuddly enough to make every show seem like a sweaty bear-hug. With their new EP, Losing Feeling, they chilled out and entered their Chairs Missing stage, focusing on luxurious new textures instead of the insistent pounding—a Jesu-styled feedback smear that’s crunchy on the inside and feather-soft on the outside, full of snuggle-ready reverb and melancholy drones. Hell, some of the tracks don’t even have drums! How punk is that? Opening is much-celebrated dream-folkers Woods, who are currently having the Best Year Ever thanks to their own brand of floaty noise. With Silk Flowers.

Wed., Oct. 14, 10 p.m., 2009