A Slice of Pie? Yes, Please! The 10 Best Pizza Places in NYC 2023


NYC is overwhelmingly abundant in pizzerias. But with so many options on where to get a slice of the delicious pie, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect type of pizza that you’re craving. That’s why we made a 2023 list of the best pizza places in NYC!

10 Best Pizza Places in NYC

1. Ops

Ops is one of the best pizza places in NYC because they’ve been making sourdough long before it became trendy. They make wood-fired pizzas that have a nice charred, smoky flavor to them. And the atmosphere of the restaurant has a romantic feel — plus you get to see their wine collection. (You have to try some of their wines when you’re there!)

You can try the classics like Marinara and Margherita. But you can also go for their Juno pizza (broccoli rabe, potatoes, provola, and ricotta salata), their Rojo (mortadella, pickled peppers, and crescenza), or their Cicero (onions, sharp provolone, mozzarella, preserved tomatoes, and oregano).

2. Joe’s Pizza

No “best pizza places in NYC” list would be complete without the iconic Joe’s Pizza. This well-loved Greenwich Village pizzeria sells quintessential New York-style pizza. The sloppy and greasy slice of pie that the gooey melting cheese compliments are what New Yorkers and locals seek from Joe’s Pizza — you bet there will be an uproar if they change this 48-year-old recipe!

Though most New Yorkers are already happy ordering the cheese slice when they’re in a hurry (or tipsy), you can also order their Sicilian pizza or Caprese. Joe’s Pizza slices are indeed ginormous — and the prices of their pizza remain affordable.

3. Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is one of the best pizza places in NYC as it has a nostalgic appeal to it — their restaurant was made to look as though it was built in the 1970s, with checkered floors and exposed pipes. Moreover, right off the bat, you’d have an idea of what to expect from this pizzeria due to its name — they offer great pizza slices!

You can try Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop’s Freddy Prince (fresh mozzarella, pecorino-romano, tomato sauce, and sesame seeds at the bottom for added crunchiness) or you can also try Hellboy (hot honey and pepperoni).

4. Lucali

Lucali remains one of many pizza connoisseurs’ favorite pizzerias in NYC for several good reasons! TimeOut describes the pizzeria, “The artisanal intent at the candlelit pizzeria is visible in the flour-dashed marble counter where the dough is punched and stretched, and in the brick oven from which it later emerges crisp and blistered.”

According to Devra Ferst, a Condé Nast Traveler contributor, “Worth the wait for exceptional pies The vibe Relaxed Brooklyn The crowd Pizza devotees The drinks Bring your own The food Strictly pizza and calzones,” Therefore, if there’s a long line — despite the number of pizzerias in NYC — you know that the hype is more than justified!

5. L&B Spumoni Gardens

Another pizzeria that many New Yorkers love is L&B Spumoni Gardens. This pizza joint has been around since 1938 — and its square pizzas remain a fan favorite. If you grew up in NYC, your parents most likely brought you here. Whether you ate their Mac & Cheese or you and the fam feasted on the Sicilian Squares, the Rococo-themed restaurant will surely hit you with childhood memories!

6. Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza remains one of the best pizza places in NYC because the late Dom DeMarco himself spent several years making and perfecting the pizza recipes — if you’ve been here before, you might have chanced upon him behind the counter, doing what he did best: making pizza.

Yet another established pizzeria (opened in 1965), Di Fara Pizza’s menu remains minimalist — it’s a choice between Regular pie, Square Pie, Di Fara Classic Pie, or the Chaos Pie. Di Fara Pizza also offers calzones and they’re equally scrumptious.

7. Upside Pizza

Upside Pizza is another SoHo stopover that offers square pizzas and an extra crispy crust. You can try their Upside Down Sicilian (where they describe it as “sauce on top, crispy cheese crust”) or their Mushroom, WWLC (white wine lemon cream sauce, fresh mozzarella, low moisture mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms, lemon zest, parsley, and Parmigiano Reggiano).

8. Mama’s Too

If you ever wonder what artisanal pizza looks like, you can order almost any (or every) pizza at Mama’s Too. From their basic to the more elaborate pizza, Mama’s Too left no ingredient overlooked.

You can try their Angry Nonna Pizza (fresh mozzarella, hot soppressata, Calabrian chili oil, hot honey, fresh tomato sauce), their Bada Bing Pizza (aged mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, pickled cherry peppers, pepperoni cups), or their 18th Avenue Pizza (fennel sausage braised in red wine, in-house roasted peppers, aged mozzarella).

9. Cuts & Slices

If you’re looking for pizza that has uncommon toppings, you can head to Cuts & Slices and order some of what they have to offer. They have Chicken & Waffles (complete with maple syrup), Spinach Ricotta, or Jerk Shrimp. And if you can’t decide on just one type of pizza, you can opt for the Specialty Cut (where one half of the pie has one kind of topping and the other half has different toppings) from their Specialty pizzas.

10. Rubirosa

If you’re more of a thin-crust person, then Rubirosa might be the pizzeria for you! This Manhattan restaurant offers a variety of pasta dishes. But since they’re known for their cracker-thin pizza crust, you can order their Fresca, Vodka, or Bianca pizza. Rubirosa also has gluten-free pizza options!

According to a Michelin inspector, “This classic pie balances a crisp, cracker-thin crust with tart tomato sauce and oven-melting mozzarella. And the handmade past dishes are highly recommended—you can’t go wrong with a bowl of chitara and hefty meatballs or a wedge of lasagna. Half portions allow diners to enjoy more of this cooking; gluten-free options ensure everyone can enjoy it.”

Pizza: A Slice of NYC Life!

It’s merely impossible to list every delicious pizza in New York City. According to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, there are approximately 1,250 restaurants with the word “pizza” on it — and this data was back in 2007! Therefore, the best that we can do for now is list down the 10 best pizza places in NYC this 2023. Ultimately, the best pizzeria is still based on preference — nobody should judge your choices of toppings as well as the crispiness or sogginess of your pizza crust!

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