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35 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts Featuring Hot Dudes in 2022


With so many hot, gay OnlyFans accounts out there, you have to wonder: which of these hunks are worth subscribing to?

From jocks to bears, otters, muscle hunks, and more – there’s a gay Onlyfans page for everyone, no matter your kinks or taste in guys.

We’ve compiled our 11 best gay OnlyFans accounts in 2022 that will provide you with some hot dude content, from photos to videos to sizzling post updates you can’t find anywhere else.

Let’s get thirsty!

Top 11 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts

First Look

  • Best OnlyFans gay Latino porn account – Danito
  • Best OnlyFans gay creator for live shows – Zeus Ray
  1. Adam Coussins – Best Uncensored Gay OnlyFans Content

adam coussins

adam coussins 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

If you want a dashing hunk of a man that provides you with no holds barred gay porn content, then Adam Coussins is the best OnlyFans gay account that you should check out right now.

Keeping true to his OF intro’s promise, Adam doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to posting hot new stuff on his page, which all feature kinky uncensored content. 

Not only that, but this isn’t just your typical thot posts, either – Adam makes sure that everything he sends you is done with some nice production values, so don’t expect a bunch of blurry, crappy photo and video quality from this top gay OF creator.

We love to see it.

Additionally, he’s also into providing his subscribers with themed sets, particularly leaning towards the sporty side of things. And when it comes to fan interaction? This gay OnlyFans creator is one who’s able to connect and communicate with you should you wish to send him a message or two.

Admittedly, though, this top OnlyFans gay account charges a little bit more than your average OF model. At $12.99 a month, you’ll end up paying more than twice the average subscription fee. 

However, Adam runs bundle promos that let you save some money if you subscribe to his OF account for longer periods of time.

Add that to the fact that he consistently provides you with some of the hottest independent gay porn around and you have yourself one of the absolute best OnlyFans gay creators active on the platform right now.

For a quick preview of what this hot piece of ass has to offer, head on over to his other social media accounts to get a taste of what he has to offer. You can thank us later, guys and gals!

  1. Arron Lowe – Best Gay Celebrity XXX OnlyFans Account

aaron lowe

aaron lowe 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

From starring on Big Brother to showing you his BIG BROTHER on OnlyFans, Arron Lowe has no surprise become one of the best gay creators on the platform right now. 

With a huge following thanks to his—ahem— huge assets, each and every Arron Lowe fan is treated to some raunchy gay XXX content on the regular.

You’d also be more than happy to find out that Arron’s OnlyFans page does not require any subscription fees if you want to follow him. You can become one of his OF followers for free, which gives you instant access to all his general content posts.

However, you should expect the general photo and video content from this gay OF creator to be less hardcore than you’d expect. Yes, there’s a generous amount of nudity, but they’re more like teasers for his premium content, which you have to purchase separately.

The best things in life aren’t free.

Even better, though, is that Arron is more than willing to engage with his fans as long as you send him a tip message on the platform. Not only that, but you can also inquire about his rates if you want a more personalized kind of experience where he’ll make content made specifically for you.

  1. Ben Dudman – Best Dick Pics and Videos on OnlyFans

ben dudman

ben dudman 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

Ben Dudman is undeniably one of the biggest (pun absolutely intended) OnlyFans creators right now, regardless if you’re talking about gay accounts or just the active creators on the platform in general.

Now, we won’t be surprised if this massive popularity is because of all his extra-large assets, right from his pecs to his juicy cock.

What we know for sure, though, is you won’t get a shortage of hot dick pics from this top OF gay creator that you’d less likely want to gobble up than take your sweet time swirling in your mouth until the big boy juice comes out.

Moreover, Ben Dudman doesn’t just stick to the photos; he even has lots of video content featuring his rocket-sized cock member as the main character.

Best yet, Ben doesn’t gouge you with microtransactions on his account. Yes, there’s a subscription fee that clocks in at a reasonable $8.44 per month with the option to purchase more exclusive content separately. 

  1. Danito – Best OnlyFans Gay Latino Porn Account


danito 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

For almost half a decade now, Danito has been consistently lauded as one of the hottest men on OnlyFans, and all fans of gay porn out there are in for a treat should you decide to follow his account.

Not only is Danito more than happy to send nudes and pornographic content your way, but he takes extra TLC in providing you with top-notch smut by way of satisfying your kinky needs

By that, we mean he’s no stranger to some voyeuristic and exhibitionist behavior, which any discerning gay porn fan can definitely appreciate.

Granted, you’re going to have to spend around $10 a month if you want to see his general content, but he regularly runs promos for long-term subscribers to help lessen the load on your wallet and, well, keep you loaded with hot gay porn content.

  1. Jason Genesis – Top Gay OnlyFans Performer of 2022

jason genesis

jason genesis 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

As far as gay 18+ content is concerned, you can make damn sure that Jason Genesis is the absolute best in providing you with some of the nastiest, raunchiest gay porn stuff that even big production companies and studios can’t give you.

This musclebound Adonis is arguably one of today’s best gay creators on OnlyFans, if not ever. And that’s due to the fact that aside from the usual XXX content that you can expect from any OF thot out there, Jason goes the extra mile by cranking up the variety to 100.

This kinky SOB does everything: he provides elaborate roleplay videos that fulfil your gay fantasies; his cute ass can take any type of anal punishment like a total champ; and this dude is one of the uncommon creators on OF that doesn’t shy away from steamy public gay sex!

That’s hot.

But the best part about Jason’s OF account is that his rates are very affordable. At just $5 a month—and that doesn’t include the regular promos he runs— you can watch this guy’s balls get sweaty and his boy pussy get smashed on the daily.

  1. Matthew Camp – Best for Jock Porn OnlyFans Content

matthew camp 

matthew camp 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

You may have seen him as a guest judge on Slag Wars or while perusing gay PornHub – wherever you found him, no one can deny the cute jock vibes of Matthew Camp!

An undeniable gay porn icon, this dude is equally happy to squirt his load on camera, suck cock on OnlyFans, fuck one of his hot gay friends, or get railed hard in the ass for your personal enjoyment.

Take your pick!

At $10 a month, Matthew’s subscription rates veer toward the pricier side. However, you can save on these fees if you choose to subscribe to him long-term since he runs promos that give you great discounts of up to 35% off.

Also, his house was recently set on fire in an apparent LGBT hate crime, so that $10 a month is going to a good cause too.

  1. Robby Echo – Best Pro-Gay Porn Actor on OnlyFans

Robby Echo

Robby Echo 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

As the saying goes: leave it to the professionals. And Robby Echo is the kind of gay OnlyFans creator that you should check out if you want the kind of dude porn from a performer who 100% knows what he’s doing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this gay porn dynamo, he’s been in the adult video biz for half a decade now and was voted best newcomer by AVN during his debut. 

Since then, he’s starred in dozens upon dozens of the raunchiest gay porn videos from some of the industry’s top studios.

And now that he’s graced OnlyFans with his presence, you’ll definitely be treated with some of the best indie porn you can get from one of the best gay performers working in the business right now. 

If you thought what you saw from Robby’s mainstream stuff is already juicy, then prepare for a deliciously extra-dirty squeeze when you see his OF content.

Oh, and he charges a measly $5 monthly fee for his general—though that’s a huge understatement since it’s dirty AF—content, which makes him one of the most affordable accounts to check out with lots of value for your sweet money.

  1. Shane Crommer – Best Diverse Gay OnlyFans Creator

shane crommer 

shane crommer 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

Shane Crommer isn’t your typical gay OnlyFans account. Aside from the standard dick pics and erect penis videos that you can expect from a hot dude creator on the platform, Shane also provides additional non-XXX services for his fans.

To be specific, this English beefcake is a legitimate fitness coach, and even his OF content features helpful guides and tips on how to stay physically trim. Even better, you can actually hire this guy as a coach should you decide to.

But best yet? You can request Shane Crommer for more exclusive and customized content on his OnlyFans for a fee.

On the downside, however, this gay OnlyFans creator has one of the priciest subscription fees around right now. At $14.99 per month, your wallet will definitely take a hit if you want to subscribe to his general content for longer periods of time.

But if you’re willing to spend that amount on this hot beefcake, you’ll no doubt be treated to some of the best gay porn content this side of the internet.

  1. Teddy Bear – Top Bear on OnlyFans

teddy bear

teddy bear 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

Nothing satisfies your hunger for a hot and hairy man better than someone like Teddy Bear. With no exaggeration whatsoever, he’s perhaps the premier bear creator on OnlyFans right now.

So, if you’re looking for the kind of adult content featuring a manly man with all that hair in all the right places, then rest assured that Teddy Bear’s unshaven booty is the perfect account to follow right now.

Seriously, this dude isn’t just your typical OnlyFans porn star; he’s a brand all his own. 

Aside from being able to subscribe to his page, fans have the opportunity to buy actual Teddy Bear merch, like apparel and exclusive content.

And speaking of exclusive content, Teddy’s one of the finest creators when it comes to providing you with customized adult videos and photos, too. 

All you have to do is hit him up with a message on his OnlyFans, pay his rates, and you’re all set to get some of the meatiest and hairiest gay porn that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

  1. Zeus Ray – Best OnlyFans Gay Creator for Live Shows

zeus ray

zeus ray 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

Visit his IG here

Whereas most OnlyFans creators, whether they’re gay ones or otherwise, opt to go with pre-recorded content that you can purchase, Zeus specializes in more hands-on content to provide you with great stuff featuring his juicy cock.

That is to say, Zeus Ray is one of those unusual OF creators who regularly provides live shows as part of his repertoire. As such, you get a more intimate experience from one of OnlyFans’ hottest gay porn accounts.

Aside from that, you’d be thrilled to find out that even his general content post offerings feature lots of gratuitous nudity (and some hardcore gay porn, for that matter) that primarily focuses on his manly orifices.

And even though he’s on the pricier side at $10 a month, you can take advantage of his 3-month subscription bundle that allows you to save as much as 20% off his usual rates.

  1. Danny Olsen – Top Only Fans Account for Gay Gangbang Content

danny olson

danny olson 2

Visit his OF here

Visit his Twitter here

(No IG account, unfortunately)

Danny Olsen is a beacon for gay pride. This jock is one of the best bottoms in the business today, so it’s pretty much a surprise that he continues most of his work as an independent creator on OnlyFans.

Should you decide to subscribe to his page, then you can rest assured that you’re going to be treated to some of the most elaborate and hottest gay porn content that you can find on the platform or anywhere else.

We’re not just talking about solo vids and dick pics here; Danny Olsen performs full-length gay porn scenes with partners. And if you’re a fan of gay gangbangs and big dick blowjobs, then Danny’s the exact OnlyFans creator you need to follow.

He loves it!

As far as rates go, he’s in the middle of the pack at approx. $8 per month. That doesn’t include the promos he runs, too, which allows you to save up when buying longer subscription periods. All in all, Danny Olson is the right kind of creator if you just want no-nonsense hot gay porn.

Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts Runner-Ups

  • Eli Chalamet – has one of the hardest working dicks on OnlyFans
  • Marc Rose – a master at teasing his OF followers
  • Nova Cavill – treats his member like a reward for his OF subscribers, and well worth it.
  • Jony Peder – perfect for fans of gay porn collabs
  • Yeferson Cossio – great dick with great bod, with lots of nice photo content
  • Reno Gold – OF creator who’s a master of autofellatio
  • Ace Quinn – a trim dude who’s great at gay sex content
  • Yarik – top OnlyFans gay for bulge photos
  • Austin X – top option for fans of big dicks
  • D Luv – a top ebony gay OnlyFans porn creator
  • Carlitos – great option for fans of Latino big cocks
  • Aaron Carter – former teen pop star now doing XXX OnlyFans content

Best OnlyFans Gay Accounts FAQs

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform that allows you to subscribe to and purchase photos, videos, and other stuff featuring your favorite creators. 

It doesn’t have to be for porn… but it mostly is.

For the most part, OF is a platform that’s populated by independent creators and performers, although celebrities have also gone to create their own accounts to provide you with uncensored and exclusive content.

You can also get a taste at no charge with our favorite free OnlyFans accounts.

Are OnlyFans gay accounts different from other creators?

No, they’re not. 

Aside from the content they produce, which is primarily within the gay porn category, there aren’t any differences between gay OnlyFans creators and straight ones. 

You still have to either subscribe to them for a fee or at no charge at all (depending on the creator) and you get the opportunity to purchase other exclusive content as well.

Can I chat with OnlyFans gay creators?

Yes, you can. However, getting a reply from your favorite gay OnlyFans creator isn’t a sure thing unless they provide a tip message service that guarantees responses when you pay to chat with them. 

Still, you can send a direct message to any OF creator that you’re subscribed to since this is a feature that’s inherent to the platform.

Top OnlyFans Gay Accounts Verdict

Now that we’ve made you privy to some of the best gay creators on OnlyFans right now, finding the right type of adult content and XXX stuff on the platform doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. 

Whether you’re into bears, tops or bottoms, or you just want a hot dude’s dick all up on your screen, you can’t go with any of these fine dudes and their hot bods.

Enjoy, guys and gals!

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