The LIRR’s “Average People” Problems Will Not Bother Hamptons-Goers


While the electrical fire at an LIRR switching station on Monday has continued to mean delays for commuters, those heading out to the Hamptons will apparently be blissfully impervious to such pedestrian difficulties. The Cannonball trains to Montauk (with stops in the Hamptons) are running as scheduled, to the annoyance of certain other Long Island-goers who think that the spoiled richies en route to the beach are getting special treatment.

Said one fellow quoted by the Post, “I’m not surprised. There are a lot of interested people going out there with a lot of money.”

But is that really so? Is there some preferential treatment being given, or are the trains simply running on different switch lines, with the Hamptons-going-trains being unaffected? We put in a call to the LIRR, who told us quickly, “It’s the same service,” before saying they’d have to call us back. We’ll update when they do.

We do know, however, that Hamptons riders will have to deal with the highly difficult problem of getting their express trains on different platforms than usual at Jamaica. Aw.

There’s no word on when all will be back to normal for regular old commuters…yet.

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