The Sunset Chronicles


LOS ANGELES—Donovan Leitch wants to be a rock star, and for a few minutes on Friday, he was one. His band, Camp Freddy, a rotating crew of real rock stars, including a shirtless Dave Navarro (of Jane’s Addiction), Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses), and Billy Morrison and Billy Duffy (the Cult), jammed at Moomba, playing a slew of covers, including “Jean Genie” and “My Generation.”

Leitch, better known as an actor in films like I Shot Andy Warhol and as the brother of Ione Skye, had a glam band, Nancy Boy, in the ’90s, but this was some other shit. “It’s a bunch of friends, who happen to be rock stars, covering all their favorite punk/glam/rock songs,” explained Leitch. He joined the crazy assortment of musicians before a packed guest-list-only crowd.

MC Johnny Fayva, dressed in a Tony Clifton- meets-Elvis outfit, occasionally screeched the lyrics and harassed the audience. All-Purpose Celebrity Moby jumped onstage for “Whole Lotta Love” (his idea) and “Gimme Shelter.”

Watching the Little Idiot churning out a Zep song is surreal, to be sure, but it was the double whammy of pop star Robbie Williams, sporting a mohawk-mullet, singing on the same stage as Slash that sent things into a tailspin. Even Williams seemed amazed. He pointed at Slash’s signature frizzy hair and top hat, and mouthed in disbelief, “Slash!”

After the show, Slash sat with a lady friend, and everyone seemed a little afraid to join him. Comedian Andy Dick ran around the VIP lounge while Navarro posed like a rock god with girlfriend Carmen Electra on the stage. Hedonistic fun!

Kelis provided the highlight to the hour-long sold-out N.E.R.D. show at the House of Blues on Saturday. Rocking a teeny outfit and big hair reminiscent of Tina Turner, she strutted her stuff while fans pledged their devotion. Rapper Pharrell repeatedly thanked the jumping and screaming audience for their raucous reactions. Crowds in L.A. show their love so much more fervently than jaded New Yorkers.

Pervy ex-New Yorker Mario Diaz‘s new party, Hot Dog, kicked off on the same night. Diaz used to run the Cock, the sluttiest, most disgusting bar in all of the East Village (and the most fun, too!), and by the looks of things, he’s up to his old dirty tricks. The new flyer features a mustached Mr. Diaz holding a big, juicy, wet hot dog up to his open mouth, proclaiming him to be “NYC’s King of Sleaze.”

Diaz moved to La La Land eight months ago, and has re-created his former stomping grounds, complete with the “hottest, hunkiest go-go boys and sexiest, sluttiest go-go girls” he could find. “I was getting bored,” said Diaz. “I felt like I had to give them a little action.”

He did. L.A. luminary Alexis Arquette, former New Yorker Jackie Beat, and a bevy of porn stars danced to the electro and Italo disco beats provided by DJ Barbeau, Josh Gruber, and Matt Sims. “I had to make out with a lot of people to get them to show up to my party,” joked Diaz.

Hollywood’s Les Deux Café is a hot spot reminiscent of the Tribeca Grand—they may have the garden, but TG’s got better music. The Monday promoters, Apple and Audrey, have been throwing their Cachet shindig for almost two years, and it’s become a hangout for the likes of Madonna and Sting. Outside, Savannah Jane Buffett, daughter of Jimmy Buffett, played records—she is, I guess, the L.A. version of Paul Sevigny. The next big things outta L.A. mingled in the bar area, including members of She Said Yeah, a new band in the vein of the Strokes/ White Stripes that’s on the verge of inking a deal with Capitol Records; Phantom Planet, Jason Schwartzman‘s crew; and baby-faced youngsters Maroon 5.

Vincent Gallo showed up in a black suit and white shoes, but his entrance was trumped by the diva of the moment: Kelly Osbourne. You could see her fuchsia head floating through the crowd a mile away. She chose a corner, gabbed with friends, and imbibed. It didn’t seem to matter that she was underage and it was past her bedtime—she’s abfab. In L.A., that’s all you need to be.

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