This Week in the Voice: Tracking Down the City’s Moonshiners


This week in the Voice, Lauren Shockey tracks down the moonshiners of New York City so she can sample their wares. After she sips moonshine with Lance, a young college professor in Brooklyn who makes shine in his spare time, Shockey explores the trend that moonshining has become in recent years and why it’s not legal to make the stuff.

Make sure to take a look at Michael Musto’s 47 reasons he hates religion, including “all that supplicating and kneeling is bad for one’s ego (not to mention posture).” The man is surely going to hell — if there is such a place.

Harry Siegel’s column takes on the question of whether city officials use email accounts for politicking, which would mean “public and private lines have been crossed — and quite possibly legal ones as well.”

In the literary world, Jakob Dorof loves Rachel Steir’s new book The Steal, which tracks the history of shoplifting, and scientology expert (and Voice editor) Tony Ortega gives Janet Reitman’s Inside Scientology his seal of approval.

For the food section, Robert Sietsema tries out French chef Daniel Boulud’s new restaurant Boulud Sud, which “takes as its domain the entire Mediterranean rim, though its sensibilities remain entirely French.”

Finally, in film, Karina Longworth offers a Freudian analysis of the new Jason Bateman comedy, The Change Up.

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