Trailer Park Boys: The Movie


The Trailer Park Boys are more than just a hit in Canada—their eponymous TV series about life in a Nova Scotia trailer park is a phenomenon of
South Park–ian proportions. The FAQ on the their website gives an idea of the Boys’ target audience: “Are the actors smoking real marijuana on the show?” “What’s the best way to courier someone weed?” When TPB: TM starts, the boys are heading home after a stint in jail. Julian (John Paul Tremblay), the brains of the operation, makes an easy transition. Ricky (Robb Wells), with his big heart and even bigger gut, has a harder time: His longtime girlfriend Lucy (LOL, Ricky and Lucy—get it?) has acquired new breasts, courtesy of a new boyfriend. The film follows Ricky’s attempt to win her back, and the gang’s attempt to pull off the Big Dirty, a legendary and somewhat retarded heist.I’m sure the pot-laced antics of these trashy dudes are, like, totally hilarious on Canadian TV, but they don’t translate well to America or the big screen.