Come one, come all to see Strange Girls Sing—a night of lovely music from three freakishly talented sirens! First, singer Carol Lipnick’s eerie four-octave voice conjures up Coney Island’s desolate boardwalks and dilapidated funhouses from her youth. With her band Spookarama, she weaves blues, folk, and prewar Berlin cabaret through macabre waltzes and heart-wrenching love songs. Little Anna (a/k/a Annie Anxiety Bandez), who jumped from reggae to hip-hop to jazz to become a self-proclaimed postmodern cabaret queen, performs with acclaimed pianist Paul Wallfisch. And, finally, with accordion, plastic bells, and claviola in tow, Rachelle Garniez (of the Citizens Band and on Jack White’s label Third Man Records) glides through tragicomic songs, sometimes yodeling. While none of these lovely ladies have extra limbs or a furry face, they’ll surely deliver a musical freak show.

Wed., Dec. 9, 8 p.m., 2009