When we think of the Gotham Girls derby crew, “beauty queen” doesn’t come to mind—we think of boyish types like Juno star Ellen Page, who played a derby skater in Whip It. Well, our minds might change tonight at the 2010 Derbytaunt Ball. After Saturday’s double-header season opener—featuring the Gotham Girls All-Stars vs. Baltimore’s Charm City All-Stars and the Wall Street Traitors vs. Buffalo’s Queen City All-Stars—the girls are taking it all off (we mean their pads) and getting pretty to attend the league’s annual party at which you’ll be able to meet your favorite derby babes. The evening also includes the introduction of the newest rookie skaters and incoming transfers, and we hear there’ll be a “dramatic” team-assignment ceremony with dancing and music, too! These girls really know how to get down.

Sun., April 11, 7 p.m., 2010