Why Is Vito Lopez Thinking About Running for City Council?


Oh, Vito.

Even amid an overshadowing investigation and unprecedented creepiness, the Daily News reported yesterday that former Assemblyman Vito Lopez has submitted a campaign committee claim with the state Board of Elections. He plans to run against Brooklyn Councilwoman Diane Reyna, who’s legally unable to run for another term in Bushwick. Except how the hell does he expect to run a campaign with everything that’s going on?

This is the guy who’s facing sexual harassment charges from four different female campaign staffers. This is the guy who’s currently being investigated by the Staten Island DA for criminal behavior. And this is the guy who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Also, his primary opponent, Antonio Reynoso, has things kinda on lockdown. The chief of staff to Reyna has the support of Speaker Christine Quinn and numerous other council members. And he has the endorsement of the National Organization for Women.

What’s more, besieged Democrat Lopez doesn’t even live in Bushwick. If this does happen, it will definitely be a council race to remember.