Yet Another Bias Attack Proves Staten Island Not a Friendly Place


Staten Island is the smallest borough in New York City. Amazing, then, that it’s had such a preponderance of bias attacks lately, including a new one under investigation involving a 15-year-old Mexican boy.

Police say the 15-year-old was with two friends, walking down the street on Wednesday evening. A group of six or seven guys threatened the kids with a knife, “yelled anti-Mexican slurs” and stole the boy’s iPod. He wasn’t injured.

This is following on the heels of an attack and robbery perpetrated on a 18-year-old boy in Port Richmond at the beginning of August, and a gay-bashing at a SI White Castle. Not to mention when two kids got fucking stabbed at the beach in July, leaving them in the hospital. And that’s only some of them.

According to New York 1, this is the “eleventh incident on Staten Island to be labeled a bias attack since April.”

Staten Island:


What is it? Why is it that, when you’ve got NYPD on every corner in Port Richmond, you can’t stop teenage kids from getting jumped on their way home from work?

The borough has a little under 500,000 people, 14.7 percent of which are Hispanic or Latino. In the last ten years, the number of Mexicans on SI has doubled. Okay, so that kind of growth can lead to tensions between locals and immigrants.

But it shouldn’t lead to eleven hate crimes or possible hate crimes since April. Small borough, big hate?