“You Know Who I Feel Like? I Feel Like I’m Motherfucking Mel Gibson!”: The Ten Greatest Things Lil B Said Saturday Night at Santos Party House


Lil B and Das Racist
Santos Party House
Saturday, July 24

Look, with apologies to Noz, we’re not even going to pretend to fully understand the Lil B phenomenon. We like it. We just, while standing in a sold-out Santos Party House on a Saturday night, surrounded by hordes of incredibly enthusiastic teenagers chanting swag swag swag swag, are acutely aware that we do not even know a quarter of what they do about what we’re collectively witnessing. This much we’re sure of: Lil B, who is 20 years old, first got famous at 15, when his Berkeley rap group the Pack had a hit with the song “Vans.” Since then, the Based God has released countless numbers of freestyles and songs to the internet. The hook on every single one of them goes “Hoes on my dick ’cause I look like ____”. Things that tend to fill in that blank: Jesus; Miley Cyrus; Mel Gibson. He’s also famous for being sucker punched in the middle of an interview; much of the rap world thinks he’s gay, which he denies, though not necessarily particularly vehemently. What we can now say from personal experience, after his New York debut with Das Racist over the weekend, is that he says a pretty much unending string of bonkers things from the stage. A small sampling:

* “Shout to all my motherfucking bloggers!”

* “You know who I feel like? I feel like I’m motherfucking Mel Gibson!”

* “I’m about to turn 21. I’m an old bitch!”

* “These rappers are scared. They be like, ‘B, you weird.’ I ain’t weird. I might be a little based. But these rappers is Republicans!”

* “I come from Berkeley. I’m just a hippie trying to live my life.”

* “Shout to all my hipsters, all my nerds, all my losers, all my rebels.”

* “I’m on my loud color swag, my tiny pink shirt swag. My jeans are so tiny my dick hurts!”

* “Shout to Twitter. How many of ya’ll are on Twitter?!”

* “If I could, I would let each of you fuck my bitch. Would you let me fuck your bitch?”

* [Freestyling:] “I feel like a blogger ’cause…Fuck a freestyle!” [Ends freestyle]

Please understand, this was pretty much the most amazing show we’ve witnessed in months. This guy is a huge star. But he’s famous for freestyling when he can’t in fact freestyle. He raps almost entirely about oral sex to rooms almost entirely full of young men. He refers to himself as a “bitch.” He shouts out specific Twitter followers, by name, at shows. The social/sexual politics here are way, way beyond our comprehension. But at least he had fun while he was here?