You’ve Come A Long Way, Condi!


Both the New York Post and Daily News splashed the wonderful news about Mike Piazza’s pending nuptials on their front pages Wednesday, and neither could resist a reference to Piazza’s role as the Mets’ backstop.

“Mike’s Catch,” screamed the Post over a full-body pic of the swimsuit clad ” ‘Baywatch’ babe,” while the News had the verbal thumbs-up “Nice Catch!” and offered a close-up of the smiling Alicia Rickter. (The News also gave front-page space to the cold snap [“Deadly Freeze!”] and the paper’s continuing diet campaign, proving that while some people marry Baywatch stars, the rest of us are fat and cold.)

The references to Piazza’s fiancée being a “catch” might offend some gals out there. But they can take solace in the fact that on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, a key hearing featured a woman U.S. senator and a woman national security adviser tapped to be the next secretary of state . . . right?

Not so fast. In the News, the exchange between California’s Barbara Boxer and Condoleezza Rice was headlined “Condi’s Catfight: Claws out as Dem senator questions her integrity.”

The accompanying picture has Rice gesturing with both hands like a nasty li’l kitten.

You go, girl!