And the Cool Site Winner Is...


Probably sensing that we didn't belong in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, the judges gave the Cool Site of the Year award to the Bay Area's beZerk (though we're certain we won the popular vote). When the final envelope of the night was opened and the presenters didn't shout, "The Smoking Gun!," we were pissed. Didn't these nerds know Entertainment Weekly called us one of the 30 most entertaining sites "in the world"? Were these geeks unaware that even New York Post cyber babe Cindy Adams has saluted us (above a column item about Brooke Astor, no less!)?

When some online reporter interviewed us after the fix was unveiled, we politely expressed our displeasure with the result. But his subsequent report wildly misquoted us, claiming we vowed to "get the dirt" on beZerk and that we said "Give us a few months, and they'll be under indictment."

Though awardless, The Smoking Gun didn't return home empty-handed. A preshow visit to the California superior court turned up some wonderful content involving a celebrity. The man, two former assistants alleged in sexual harassment lawsuits, had stuck his tongue in one woman's ear, fondled the breasts of both plaintiffs, and suggested that one woman would have to trim her pubic hair to a more acceptable length.

These documents were better than any lousy trophy, we decided later. But don't get us wrong, we'd still love your vote for 1998's "Still Cool Site of the Year."

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