A Town Possessed by Satan

'We were a family. Then all of a sudden, there's nobody left.'

Another defendant, Robert Devereaux, had the money to hire Steve Lacy, an experienced lawyer who forcefully persuaded the prosecutor to drop child-rape charges.

But still, the Post-Intelligencer reporters say, "Devereaux was ruined. The former executive now ekes out a living as a convenience store clerk at a truck stop outside of town. He sold his home to pay defense bills and lives in a basement apartment in the home of a former foster daughter....

"'I came out good,' he says. 'If I had a court-appointed attorney, I'd be sitting in prison right now. I have no doubts about that."'

Next week: During this massive violation of constitutional rights in Wenatchee, where was the American Civil Liberties Union? Where was the press when the horrors started and for a long time after? Where were the agencies commissioned to help children? What were all these guardians of justice afraid of?

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