Crashing the Messengers

When the dirtiest part of child porn is politics

  • Hacking Together:, the scrappy film industry zine cooked up by folks at TNT, begins its second Screenplay Challenge contest Friday, November 20. The results won't be exactly readable, but there's money involved. The first week, screenwriter Pen Densham (Backdraft, Robin Hood, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and, get this, Moll Flanders) kicks off with an inaugural 10 pages about a Scottish sheriff in the Wild West wrongly accused of murder. (Hey, this is TNT.) Readers contribute the next 10 installments. Each week, judges at the site pick the best submission and the author gets $100. Grand prize is a laptop. . . .
    Vacco flunks Pedo University
    AP / Wide World
    Vacco flunks Pedo University

  • WallFlowerings: Both the School of Visual Arts ( and arts collective ASCI ( opened real-world digital art exhibitions last week, and the best work is on the walls, not the monitors. The clean, high-res digital prints steal the show. Favorite piece? Mona Lisa for the Blind at the SVA show: five blank boards with braille stand out from the wall. On approach, you trip a light sensor and hear kids' voices describing Da Vinci's unflappable femme. A sample: "It looks like she is on heroin." (ASCI at the Cooper Union Engineering Building, 51 Astor Pl., 353-4285. SVA Museum at 209 E. 23rd St., 592-2144.)
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