'Homicide By Cop'

The medical examiner ruled Reginald Bannerman's death a suicide, but his family insists that a rogue black cop pushed him in front of a subway train

Mr. Bannerman's agonizing search eventually led him to the Kings County Hospital morgue. As the attendant was about to show him a photo of a "John Doe" that had recently arrived, Mr. Bannerman remembers instinctively remarking, "Oh God, that's him!"

But he couldn't help looking.

"When I seen my son laying up there like that with his face all bust up, mister, something took my whole chest and tore it out. I was so messed up I couldn't sign papers. As I walked back downstairs my daughter, Regina, and her husband, Michael, was coming in. Both got hysterical and fainted."

It was left to A.B. Bannerman to notify his wife about Reginald's death. "We went up to the room where she was working," he remembers. "Her back was turned, and as she looked around and seen us crying, she said, 'Not my boy. Oh, no! Not my boy!' "

Research: W. Michelle Beckles

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