Snapshots Of Blackness

There's a lot of trench-coat people that also double as thespians and artists and are in advanced placement classes. And they're not losers. I think most people think thespians means something it doesn't really mean. It sounds like lesbian, and maybe it really is. It's not that scandalous to associate with them; at least I don't feel it.

Shoshanna Hamilton, student at Newton Middle School in Littleton [on how she feels walking down the halls of her school since the Columbine shootings]: It feels a lot different because I'm noticing a lot more people, that they're there. I'm just paying a lot more attention now to what's happening around the school. And around my friend, talking to my friend, we'd be like normal girls talking about stuff, but now I'm talking and looking around and noticing more things.

Frank Kogan: Is that because you're caring more about other people or because you're scared more of the other people?

S.H.: It's kind of both.

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