Wheat Pasting Against the Machine

Guerrilla Artists Celebrate 20 Years of Culture Jamming

"Through the Ad and intent of the Advertiser we form our ideas and learn the myths that make us into what we are as a people....To Advertise is to Exist. To Exist is to Advertise. Our ultimate goal is nothing short of a personal and singular Billboard for each citizen....Until that day we will continue to do all in our power to encourage the masses to use any means possible to commandeer the existing media and to alter it to their own design."

And so a Kent cigarette ad with lounging smokers came to read, "Kant—The Choice Is Heteronomy." Charles Manson, certainly the spokesconvict of the moment among billboard liberators, appears to be selling Levi's these days. And an Apple ad with Amelia Earhart's photo now advises us: "Think Doomed."

Jack Napier says BLF has now begun back-charging and invoicing both the ad agencies and their clients, like Apple and Levi's. "We think they should pay us for improving their work," he says. BLF isn't political, just out to attack the vapid. But that's a whole revolution right there. Jack Napier, by the way, is a pseudonym. Napier's day job is in advertising.

Taking back America one billboard at a time
Billboard Liberation Front, S.F.
Taking back America one billboard at a time

"Celebrating 20 Years of Billboard Liberation and Culture Jamming" opens April 28 at CBGB Gallery, 313 Bowery. Beginning at 10 p.m., billboard improvers, including those mentioned above, will make presentations. Don't miss the Web sites for BLF (www.billboardliberation.com), Joey Skaggs (www.joeyskaggs.com), Ron English (www.popaganda.com), Cicada (www.escape.com/~cicada), Hocus Focus (www.hocusfocus.org), Negativland (www.negativland.com), and culture-jamming central, Adbusters (www.adbusters.org).

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