Old and in the Way

As Market Booms, Seniors Get Squeezed

None of that will happen soon enough to help the Colacinos, who have lived in Carroll Gardens since 1952. In fact, their dining room still sports their first refrigerator, a working 1947 General Electric. "One of those real estate agents came in here and looked inside," recalls Tony Colacino. "I didn't like it! You don't go looking inside someone else's refrigerator." Colacino says he'll lug the appliance down the narrow stairs before he leaves it for Kaleniak.

Pay up or get out: the Colacinos at home
Michael Sofronski
Pay up or get out: the Colacinos at home

While Tony Colacino worries about where he'll find "rooms," Liz remains incredulous at Kaleniak's threat. "This man owns other houses in Brooklyn, he has a place in Cornwall, he doesn't even need to live here himself, and now he's kicking us out. Is that nice? What if we were his parents? It's too bad about him."

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