Sexgate North

Ready or Not, Here They Come

" 'I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall. . . . [H]e casually stuck my tooter up his nose. He was so messed up that night, he slid down the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete idiot.' "

And there's this new story: quotes Sam Houston, a Little Rock physician who once had Hillary's cantankerous father Hugh Rodham as a patient, as saying that it is well known in Little Rock medical circles that one night in the early '80s, Bill Clinton was rushed to a Little Rock hospital for emergency treatment of what appeared to be a cocaine overdose. According to, "Houston, who told us he spoke to someone intimately familiar with the details of what happened that night, [said] Clinton arrived at the hospital with the aid of a state trooper.

"When Mrs. Clinton arrived, she told both of the resident physicians on duty that night that they would never practice medicine in the United States if word leaked out about Clinton's drug problem. Reportedly, she pinned one of the doctors up against the wall, both hands pressed against his shoulders, as she gave her dire warning."

After Flowers told Fox News that Clinton had confided he used coke, Jim Kennedy, a spokesman for the White House counsel's office, insisted, "The president has never done cocaine. That applies to his entire life."

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