Lawless Arrests Under Giuliani

Howard Safir — I Am the Law!

Significantly, the important Times story about the 18,000 false arrests in this city in 1998 lasted only a couple of days. Where was the indignation in the rest of the press?

What has been the NYPD's response to this revelation of its contempt for the law?

Deputy Commissioner Edward T. Norris: "If we're making felony arrests, they need to be made."

The Lord High Police Commissioner
photo: Fred W. McDarrah
The Lord High Police Commissioner

And from the Lord High Police Commissioner himself? Howard Safir says the department will continue its emphasis on busting people. "We are going to continue to arrest people for crimes. Our people are well trained. They know when to make arrests."

After all, Howard Safir is the law! Well, not quite. Rudolph Giuliani is the higher law, and he does not appear to be in the least concerned that, in his New York, the odds are increasing that you can be arrested and locked up for no legal reason.

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