NYPD Storm Troopers

A Drug Bust at the Wrong House—Again

"Watch your daughter and who she hangs out with," one officer warned the father. "I think she is innocent, but somebody is selling drugs out of the apartment and she just doesn't know." Upon leaving the apartment, another officer asked Smith if she had any questions.

"Why?" she responded.

"Just cause!" was the gruff reply. The cops, Smith realized, were "being themselves. Rude." According to Smith, when the cops uncuffed her, one said he was sorry. Later that night, Smith, her grandmother, her father, and an aunt tried to file a complaint at the 30th Precinct station house. "I saw the cops who were in my apartment, and I froze," Smith says. She plans to file a lawsuit to force the NYPD to review its procedures and pay for damages and civil rights violations.

No drugs here: Shameka Smith and her busted door
photo: Sandra-Lee Phipps
No drugs here: Shameka Smith and her busted door

"If that young lady is interested in pursuing something, she [should not] do that through you," Burnes told the Voice. "She needs to . . . get the Department of Buildings [to] seal up her door [or] the police department would come and do that. The Village Voice doesn't do that. You're not the person that she needs to be talking with."

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