Don't Say Kaddish For Larry Kadish

To This Top GOP Donor, Soft Money Is the Name of the Game

In the meantime, Kadish apparently believes that there are still many things wrong with America besides welfare and crime, and neocon Midge Decter speaks on his behalf. Decter testified before Congress on family issues in January 1995, speaking for the National Jewish Coalition, a GOP group that included Kadish on its executive committee. And Decter blamed the women's movement and the environmental movement for creating a "wind of anti-natalism" that is "blowing through this society" to the detriment of American families.

Not that Larry Kadish rejects all vestiges of the '60s—even those wild and zany Beatles. Old Westbury's first annual Strawberry Fields Forever festival was held on the Kadish estate in 1996. As a local official noted at the time: "They have a very large strawberry patch."

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